Hanuman Chalisa In English And With Meaning No prayer as popular and as widely chanted sung by people like Shri Hanuman Chalisa what is the greatness of this prayer written by shreek Goswami Tulsidas ji and it is said that during some crises in his life when he was very very sick it is seems to the inspiration of Lord Shiva that Tulsi das ji poured out these 40 verses therefore Chalisa Chalisa means 40 verses invoking the blessings of Shri Hanuman ji

It's mystical power those who chant they know you don't need logic in fact there are very rare rare few people in the world over the years that have even explained the Hanuman Chalisa because the vs. appeared so simple but most of all even without knowing the meaning of it people who chant the Hanuman Chalisa have claimed such miraculous achievements that you cannot describe in words today also I don't know from where I got the email

 The road tell me from where it is coming this person has written to me about all the blessings that have taken place in his right on Hanuman ji says that I was getting late to come here so I didn't read it I just read three four lines as it was being downloaded everywhere I go each and everybody has got a story to tell how Hanuman Chalisa has blessed them in their life each place when I speak tens of people come up and tell about such miraculous

Hanuman Chalisa In English And With Meaning


Shri-Guru Charan Saroj-Raj, Nij-Man-Mukuru Sudhaari | Baranau Raghu-Bar Bimal Jasu, Jo Daayak Phal-Chaari || 


With the Dust of the Lotus Feet of Sri Gurudeva, I Clean the Mirror of my Mind. I Narrate the Sacred Glory of Sri Raghubar (Sri Rama Chandra), who Bestows the Four Fruits of Life (i.e. Righteousness, Wealth, Pleasure & Liberation).



Buddhi-Heen Tanu Jaanike, Sumirau Pavan Kumaar | Bala Buddhi-Vidyaa Dehu Mohi, Harahu Kalesha Vikaar ||


Considering Myself as Ignorant, I Meditate on You, O Pavan Kumar (Hanuman). Bestow on me Strength, Wisdom and Knowledge, and Remove my Afflictions and Blemishes. -

Jay Hanumaan Gyaan Gun Saagar | Jai Kapees Tihun-Lok Ujaagar || 


Victory to You, O Hanuman, Who is the Ocean of Wisdom and Virtue, Victory to the Lord of the Monkeys, Who is the Enlightener of the Three Worlds(heaven, earth & inferno).

Raam-Doot Atulit Bal-Dhaamaa | Anjani-Putra Pavan-Sut Naamaa || 


You are the Messenger of Sri Rama possessing Immeasurable Strength, You are Known as Anjani-Putra (son of Anjani) and Pavana-Suta (son of Pavana, the wind-god).

Mahabir bikram Bajrangi । Kumati nivar sumati ke sangi॥3॥ 


 Hey Mahaveer! O Bajrang Bali, you are very powerful! You remove weak and weak intellects and good intellects are companions and helpers!

Kanchan baran biraj subesa । Kanan kundal kunchit kesa॥4॥ 


There is a very beautiful garment on your gold parts! You are beautified with beautiful kundalas and curly hair in the ears.

Hath bajra aur dhvaja biraje । Kaandhe munj janeu saje॥5॥ 


The thunderbolt and the flag in your hand are beautiful. 

Sankar suvan Kesari nandan । Tej pratap maha jag bandan॥6॥ 


Oh God . You are the incarnation of Mahadev Shivshankar, you are known as Kesari Nandan in the whole world. And your might and majesty are famous all over the world.

Bidyavaan guni ati chatur । Ram kaj karibe ko aatur॥7॥ 


You are full of all knowledge. You are very talented and clever. You are always ready and eager to do the work of Shri Ram.

Prabhu charitra sunibe-ko rasiya । Ram Lakhan Sita maan basiya ॥8॥ 


You always enjoy listening to the story and personality of Shri Ram. Lord, Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman are in your heart.

Sukshma roop dhari Siyahi dikhava । Bikat roop dhari Lank jarava॥9॥


You saw Sita ji with a small form, and had consumed the whole of Lanka by burning a huge and terrible form.

Bhim roop dhari asur sahare । Ramachandra ke kaj savare॥10॥ 


Lord, you have destroyed the demons with a huge form, and had succeeded the goal of Lord Shri Ramchandra ji.

Laye sanjivan Lakhan jiyaye । Shri Raghuvir harashi ur laye॥11॥ 


You protected the life of Shri Lakshmanji by bringing Sanjeevani Booti from the Himalayan peak. Because of which Shri Ram gladly engaged you with his heart.

Raghupati kinhi bahut badhaee । Tum mam priye Bharat-hi-sam bhai॥12॥ 


Raghupati praised you very much, and said that you are like his dear brother. 

 Sahas badan tumharo jas gaave । Asa-kahi Shripati kantha lagave॥13॥


Your fame deserves thousand songs. Saying this, Lord Shri Ram embraced you.

Sankadik brahmadi munisa । Narad-sarad sahit ahisa॥14॥ 


Lord, Shri Sanak, Shri Sanatan, Shri Santkumar etc. Muni, Brahma ji, Narada ji, Saraswati ji and Sheshnag ji all sing your virtues.  

Jum Kuber digpaal jaha teh । Kabi Kovid kahi sake kahan teh॥15॥ 


Yamraj, Kubera, the protector of all directions, poet, Mahapandit, scholar or no one can fully describe your fame. 

 Tum upkar Sugreevahi keenha । Ram milaye rajpad deenha ॥16॥


You did the same thing by mixing Sugriva with Shri Ram, due to which he became the king and he received the kingdom.

  Tumharo mantra Vibhishan maana । Lankeshvar bhaye sab jag jana॥17॥ 


Your teachings were also considered by Vibhishan, as a result of which he received the kingdom of Lanka as a king. The whole world knows this thing. 

Yug sahastra jojan par bhanu । Leelyo tahi madhur phaal janu ॥18॥ 


The sun which is at a distance of two thousand yojana and where it takes a thousand yugas to reach, you took it as a fruit and swallowed it. 

Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahi । Jaladi langhi gaye achraj nahi॥19॥ 


You were the one who crossed the huge sea with Lord Rama's ring in your face, which is not surprising..

 Durgaam kaj jagat ke jete । Sugam anugraha tumhre tete॥20॥ 


All the hard work that is done in this whole world, they become successful with your kindness. 

 Ram duwaare tum rakhvare । Hoat na adyna binu paisare ॥21॥


You are safeguarding the doors of Shri Ram's Divine Abode. No one can ever enter it without your permission. 

Sab sukh lahe tumhari sarna । Tum rakshak kahu ko darna॥22॥ 


Any person who comes to your shelter gets pleasure, and when you are a protector, then there is no fear of any kind. 

 Aapan tej samharo aape । Teenho lok hank teh kanpe॥23॥ 


No one else can handle your speed and velocity, and all three worlds tremble with your thunder. 

 Bhoot pisaach nikat nahin aave । Mahabir jab naam sunave॥24॥ 


Just by taking your name, ghosts and vampires do not even wander around. 

 Nase rog hare sab peera । Japat nirantar Hanumant beera॥25॥ 


Lord, by taking your name, disease, defect and pain go away

 Sankat se Hanuman chudave । Man karam bachan dyan jo lave॥26॥ 


O Bajrang Bali, whoever meditates on your mind, deeds and words, you free him from all the troubles.॥ 

Sab par Ram tapasvee raja । Teen ke kaj sakal tum saja॥27॥ 


Shri Ram Chandra is the best king, and you have supported and succeeded in all his tasks and goals

 Aur manorath jo koi lave । Sohi amit jeevan phal pave ॥28॥ 


Whichever person you are pleased with, you fulfil every wish of the person who has no limit. 

 Charo yug partap tumhara । Hai parasiddha jagat ujiyara॥29॥ 


 Your fame is spread all around the world, and the light of your fame is present in the whole world. 

Sadhu sant ke tum rakhware । Asur nikanandan Ram dulare ॥30॥ 


 Dear Lord of Shri Ram, you protect the saints, saints and gentlemen, and destroy the wicked. 

 Ashta-sidhi nav nidhi ke daata । Asabar deen Janki mata॥31॥ 


Mother Sita has given you such a boon, from which you can give 8 Siddhiyas and 9 Niddhiyas to anyone.

 Ram rasayan tumhare pasa । Sada raho Raghupati ke dasa॥32॥


You have always been in the shelter of Lord Rama, that is why you have the medicine to destroy old age and many diseases and disorders. 

 Tumhare bhajan Ram ko paave । Janam-janam ke dukh bisrave॥33॥ 


 It is only by doing your bhajan and meditation that Shri Ram ji is attained, and the sorrows of birth are always overcome forever

 Anth-kaal Raghubar pur jaee । Jaha janma Hari-bhakht kahaee॥34॥


And by performing your bhajan, at the end of time one goes to Sri Rama's Dham (Vaikuntha), and remains the same, doing devotion to Hari.

 Aur devta chitta na dharaee । Hanumanth se he sarba sukh karaee॥35॥ 


Hey Hanuman. Your service brings all kinds of happiness, convenience, and there is no need to keep any deity in your mind.

 Sankat kate-mite sab peera । Jo sumire Hanumat balbeera॥36॥


O Mahavir Hanuman. Whoever praises your name, he is freed from all distress and pain.

 Jai Jai Jai Hanuman gosaee । Krupa karahu gurudev ki naee॥37॥


Hey my lord Hanuman. Hail, hail, hail. Like a master, keep your kindness towards me.

 Jo sath baar paath kar koi । Chuthee bandhi maha sukh hoee॥38॥ 


Whoever recites this Hanuman Chalisa 100 times, it is certain that he will be able to get rid of all the bondages and realize the bliss. 

Jo yaha padhe Hanuman Chalisa । Hoye Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa॥39॥ 


Lord Shankar is witness to the fact that any person will read this Hanuman Chalisa. That person will be successful 

 Tulsidas sada Hari chera । Keeje nath hridaye maha dera॥40॥ 


Hey Hanuman. Tulsidas ji is a servant of Shri Ram, so stay in my heart too. 

 Pavan tanay sankat harana mangal murti roop । Ram Lakhan Sita sahit hriday basau sur bhuup ॥ 


O Sankat Mochan Pawan’ son, abide in my heart with the God of gods Shri Ram, Sita Mata and Lakshman. 


Album: Shree Hanuman Chalisa - Hanuman Ashtak

Singer: Hariharan


Author: Traditional (Tulsi Das)

our approach here is not going to be to speak about the miracles of Hanuman Chalisa those who do it they know it but to make us understand that encapsulated in eacha nd every words of Hanuman Chalisa is the complete secret of success for our

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life in fact it is a complete course in life management whether you are a child whether you are a youth whether you are an adult whether you are a businessman or politician are the precious housewife whatever you may be Hanuman Chalisa has got something that will enrich your life for greater success 

 Hanuman Chalisa is far beyond its miraculous power because the miracles that it can create in your life is make you into a miracle that transformation our guru they wanted to achieve through the studies of the scriptures